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Automated Cutting Services

Automated Cutting ServicesBrown Sales Corporation utilizes an Eastman EC3 Automated Cutter. This computerized cutting system allows us to design and cut patterns from material with precision, speed, and consistency. Patterns that might take a person hours to cut by hand can often be cut within a matter of minutes through the use of this machine.

Patterns are digitized into the cutting system using exact dimensions and digital tracing. The patterns are then laid out electronically onto material in a manner that maximizes efficiency. Material yields are greatly improved using this system (as compared to cutting by hand), as our automated cutter is capable of cutting pieces line-to-line without a hassle.

Pieces cut by our automated cutter are cut perfectly every time because the element of human error is taken out of the cutting process. This not only improves the quality and precision of the cut pieces, but increases efficiency in the sewing process as well, as our sewers are consistently provided with pieces that fit together flawlessly. Expensive material mistakes are also eliminated.

Our automated cutter makes cutting unusual or difficult patterns painless. Curvy patterns, very small patterns, and very large patterns alike are cut with the same speed and consistency as the simplest patterns through the use of this system. Shapes can easily be cut out of a pattern’s center without cutting access points through the material.

In addition to cutting material, our automated cutter is capable of creating notches, drill holes, and pen-drawn marks with mathematical precision.

Brown Sales Corporation uses this automated cutting system in its day-to-day operations in order to assure our customers of the highest level of precision. It is the first step in our pledge to provide our customers with a quality-made product.

Contract Cutting

Brown Sales Corporation also offers our cutting services to companies looking to outsource their cutting operations. Advantages companies receive by outsourcing their cutting to Brown Sales Corporation include:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Higher material yields
  • Higher levels of precision for cut pieces
  • Riddance of expensive material mistakes
  • Freed-up facility floor space
  • Reliable service

We have experience working with and cutting a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Coated fabrics
  • Packcloth
  • Cordura
  • Nylon
  • Denim
  • Sheet foam
  • Sheet plastic
  • Paper

Charge for Automated Cutting Services

There is a flat set-up fee for entering piece information into the automatic cutting system. This fee covers entering and organizing patterns into the system, a test cut of the patterns, minor adjustments made to the patterns (as specified by the customer), and a time study for piece pricing.

After the customer approves the pattern, a per-piece charge is implemented based on size and quantity of the pieces needed.