A Wisconsin Based Industrial Sewing Business

brown sales family run business father and son

Family owned and operated: Ross Brown (Vice President) and Stewart Brown (President)

Offering high quality, flexible service, quick responsiveness and a cheerful demeanor since 1970.

Brown Sales is a family-owned and operated industrial sewing company located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Since our founding in 1970, we have worked diligently to provide our customers with quality parts, flexible service, and quick responsiveness to their ever-changing needs. We carry on that tradition today with a still cheerful demeanor: We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers and provide value in the marketplace!

We specialize in the production of sewn products made to customer specifications. We put our knowledge and experience to work for customers from a broad range of industries.

We realize success when our customers realize success. That’s not pie-in-the-sky thinking – it’s really how mutual growth and prosperity occurs! Through our longstanding commitments to quality, service, and responsiveness, we empower our customers to chase down their next sale instead of their delinquent sewing vendor. If you’re ready to do business, we’re ready to get you taken care of.

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