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medical sewingMedical Textile Products Built to Industry Specifications

Brown Sales has manufactured sewn products for the medical industry for over 40 years, so we understand the industry’s requirements. Our medical industry customers depend on Brown Sales for consistent products, high quality, tight tolerances, cost-effective production practices, on-time deliveries, and high levels of responsiveness. When a medical crisis hits or a new opportunity arises, the time for action is now. We’ll get you taken care of!

medical textile product sewingThe sewn products we produce for the medical industry are built to our customers’ specifications and often become component parts to larger pieces of medical equipment. We recognize the importance of manufacturing sewn products to your exact specifications so that the pieces work correctly with their corresponding medical devices. We consistently deliver accurate parts to our customers thanks to our automated cutting processes, our skilled and experienced sewers who recognize the need for precision, and our obsession with quality at every step of the production process.

medical sewing madison wiIn addition to quality, we’ve built our entire infrastructure and all of our processes from the ground up with the idea of service and responsiveness in mind. We maintain high levels of organization and production flexibility so that we can quickly respond to your needs no matter when they arise. In the medical industry, urgent requests mean that peoples’ wellbeing is at risk. With Brown Sales on your team, you can step into medical crises or new opportunities with confidence: We are ready to help you help others right now!

Some examples of items we’ve manufactured for the medical industry include:

  • medical product sewingTable pads for medical examination equipment
  • Foam-stuffed patient positioning blocks
  • Wheelchair seats, backs, and accessories
  • Slings for patient lift devices
  • Custom-designed webbing straps for patient positioning and immobilization
  • Medical equipment carrying cases
  • Protective covers and fabric housings for medical devices
  • Harnesses, cases, and pouches to be worn by patients for extended-term medical monitoring or long-term medical needs

Your medical device is built with pride and precision. Your accompanying sewn products should be no different.

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