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Quick Facts

  • Mask is a double-layer 100% cotton cloth face mask with antimicrobial, nonporous, Sure-Chek® medical fabric cover.
  • Smart product design allows for easy breathability and comfortable air exchange.
  • Pleated design expands to fit adult faces of all shapes and sizes comfortably.
  • Quickly and easily secures to head and face with top-side adjustable cord lock and bottom-side tie straps.
  • Soft metal noseband ensures tight, conforming, comfortable fit and minimizes blowback towards eyes.
  • Prevents foggy glasses!
  • Durable, reusable, and machine washable
  • 100% Made in USA by Brown Sales Corporation, a family-owned and operated small business in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Save money!

These durable, reusable cloth face masks will endure 25+ laundry cycles and remain in “excellent” or “very good” condition. That’s less than $1.00 per laundering! Review our laundry endurance test photos here and consider these statistics:

  • Wash once per week: mask lasts 6+ months
  • Wash twice per week: mask lasts 3+ months
  • Wash three times per week: mask lasts 2+ months

Quit throwing your money away on disposable face masks. Our durable, reusable cloth face mask is a wise purchase and keeps disposable masks out of our landfills!

Top Quality American Manufacturing

Customer Testimonial Thank you so much for your hard work! I received my masks and they are such good quality! I am giving them to all my family members!The Deluxe Cloth Face Mask with Antimicrobial Cover is a reusable double-layer cotton cloth face mask with an antimicrobial, nonporous, medical fabric cover.

Users of this product breathe through a double-layer of brand new, 100% cotton broadcloth poplin – just like many other cloth face masks available in the marketplace. Unlike other cloth face masks, however, our unique face mask is permanently and completely covered with an antimicrobial, nonporous medical fabric called Sure-Chek®.

Breathability of this face mask is maintained thanks to its smart design. An appropriately sized opening is cut away from the base layer of Sure-Chek® material during the manufacturing process. This opening is then covered by an overlapping secondary layer of Sure-Chek® material. The sides of the secondary layer are left open to allow for comfortable air exchange through the face mask. In this way, users easily breathe through this face mask, but the double-layer cotton avoids direct exposure to the outside world.

Infographic for Deluxe Cloth Face Mask with Antimicrobial Cover

Sure-Chek® Medical Fabric by Herculite, Inc.

Sure-Chek® antimicrobial material is made in America by Herculite, Inc. As described on their website, “Sure-Chek® brand medical fabrics are the original health care fabrics that were patented for use as protective covering fabrics in medical environments.  Today they are the standard in the industry.  Developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals Sure-Chek® was designed to provide surface protection that is comfortable, safe, durable, and effective for use in health care facilities, [among others].”

Brown Sales has utilized Sure-Chek® material in numerous medical product applications for decades. Given our manufacturing experience as well as properties of Sure-Chek® material, designing and presenting the Deluxe Cloth Face Mask with Antimicrobial Cover for marketplace consideration was a natural move for us to make during this time of crisis.

Additional Product Information

We think the Deluxe Cloth Face Mask with Antimicrobial Cover is a better cloth face mask than others available in the marketplace. Consider these additional product features:

  • This mask is durable, reusable, and machine washable. After use, simply wash this face mask in a washing machine with normal laundry detergent and cold water on “gentle” cycle. Allow the item to air dry only. Our test results show that these masks will endure a minimum of 25+ laundry cycles and remain in “excellent” or “very good” condition!
  • A soft metal nose band is embedded in the top of our face mask to ensure a tight, conforming, comfortable fit. Our face mask prevents foggy glasses!
  • Our face mask quickly and easily secures to the head and face. Top-side straps are secured and tightened by means of an easily adjustable cord lock; bottom-side straps are simply bow-tied behind the neck.
  • Our face mask features a pleated design so that it expands to comfortably fit adult faces of all shapes and sizes. (This face mask is designed and intended for adult use only; the face mask is neither designed nor intended for use by children.)

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Brown Sales is making the Deluxe Cloth Face Mask with Antimicrobial Cover available for purchase by healthcare personnel, hospital systems, governments, and the general public alike. New retail orders ship out from our facility within one business day!

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Quality is guaranteed. Due to the intended use of these products, however, please note that all sales are final. No returns will be accepted for these products. Cancellations are allowed prior to shipment.

This product is a general purpose cloth face mask. It is not N95 rated nor is it intended for medical use. Brown Sales reasonably expects this face mask to perform at least as well as generic double-layer cotton cloth face masks but expressly disclaims any additional increases or improvements to users’ safety, health, or well-being as a result from purchasing or using this product. Consumers are encouraged to learn more about cloth face masks by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website (CDC.gov). Brown Sales indefinitely defers to all recommendations offered by the CDC regarding the use and/or effectiveness of cloth face masks.